High performance tax and audit services at supreme acceptance and confidence by the German Certified Public Accountant* -Tax consultant qualified in international taxation - sole shareholder and managing director Diplom-Kaufmann Siegfried Heinzelmann and his qualified team



I. tax consultancy services

- financial accounting and payroll

- financial statements and tax returns for firms & companies as well as private income tax returns

- preparation, take care and negotiations of tax and social security audits

- tax structuring focussed on the business management and tax background

- reorganisation and transformation of firms and companies

- international taxation of foreign enterprises with reference to Germany and German enterprises with reference to foreign countries

- concepts for successor of the entrepreneur for gift and inheritance tax

- consultancy on the protection as well as insolvency of firms and companies

- liquidation of firms and companies

other consultancy services:
- planning for private welfare and protection of the property

- tax evasion and tax penalty

- business pension plan

II. business management services

- support and consultancy on formation of firms & companies

- financial budgets & financial planning

- development of management strategies and business models

- sale and acquisition of firms & companies

- evaluation of firms & companies

- supervision of business processes

- reorganisation of firms & companies

- preparation of ratings for firms & companies

III. audits

- Statutory audits for corporations and partnerships, especially concentrated on subsidiaries and branches of foreign corporations and headquarters

- Peer review auditor according to § 57 WPO system of the chamber of German certified public accountants

- All kinds of specific audits and audits with limited scope

- Audits according to MaBV, green point “Grüner Punkt” and packaging ordinance

- Evaluation of firms and companies, ground and building expertises for courts and other parties referring to statutory audits, accounting evaluations of firms and companies and insolvency

* englischer Fachbegriff für deutscher Wirtschaftsprüfer